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Frequently asked questions

What are fragile crops and why this focus?


Fragile crops refer to strawberries, berries, cannabis, flowers.
Harvesting these crops is problematic because it is easy to damage the valuable parts. That is why the harvest is usually done manually, i.e., by hand, to ensure optimal quality.


At which stage of the development are the products?


The current stage of development is at the prototyping stage, an advanced stage of iterations.

Does Ggrey hold any intellectual property?

The mechanism, the method, and the design can be patented. The draft can only be sent once the proof of concept is reached.


Does Ggrey design or manufacture products?

Ggrey designs the machines internally. The team is composed primarily of engineers and designers. So, we develop the proof of concept internally. Then, we have external partners for manufacturing.



What makes Ggrey different from other organizations?


Our work is about imagining holistic solutions and bringing them to reality. We need outstanding people to invent products on which customers comment, "this is it! ".
We put immense effort into picking talent, and we are not willing to compromise on this.



Does Ggrey have any social mission?


Ggrey is engaged in serving society. A share of the benefits goes ultimately to causes enhancing the functioning of democracy. The parent company, "Army of Colors," is in charge of this aspect.




Why democracy?


The decision-making structure of our political party system is outdated and can no longer cope with the increasing complexity of technological developments. 



How is Ggrey financed?


We are privately financed, and we have a solid financial pillow.​


Does Ggrey distribute shares?


It is possible when it makes sense.



What's in Vienna?

Ggrey's first base of engineers aims to automate harvesting in the cannabis industry. Our strong focus on invention allows us to beat existing machines radically.




Why solutions for the Cannabis sector?


The cannabis sector is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, following the waves of liberalization in different regions. The legal cannabis industry is a multi-billion industry expected to realize a 27% CAGR during 2019-2023; that's unparalleled–even higher than pharma and IT, whose best sub-sectors foresee some 13% growth (Bloomberg, 2020). The industry is rapidly professionalizing: more countries and states are issuing cultivator licenses, and many pharmaceutical companies join the scene. The market presents many opportunities for medical, safe, and regulated cannabis-based products.
​And by the way, the cannabis industry was even more in demand through Covid (New York Times, 2021).

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